Onlypult updates

Web Release 88.0

1. New feature — AI Assistant.
Text content generation using the ChatGPT 3.5 neural network is now accessible within the posting form.
2. We have completely redesigned the look of our posting form! Now it looks more modern and has become more functional. Posts' preview is now available right inside the posting form.
3. Now you can use multiposting and cross-posting at the same time. Multiple forms for different sets of social networks simultaneously. And clone posts without leaving the posting form.
4. In cross-posting mode, you can edit the set of posts for each social network separately or synchronize changes.
5. You can customize the planner without leaving the posting form.
6. Mass copying of posts to multiple social networks from the publication list.
7. New modal window for downloading media files. And background media download progress window.
8. New date and time picker.