Onlypult updates

Web Release 88.1 - 88.4

Bug Fixes:
  • Drag & Drop Post Upload: Fixed issues with Drag & Drop file uploads for posts.
  • Efficient Mass Post Creation: Resolved problems related to mass post creation through file uploads, now with clear and intuitive sorting.
  • Enhanced Video Compatibility: Added support for various video formats (AVI, MOV, WMV) in Drag & Drop mode.
  • VK Stories: Addressed bugs and issues in VK Stories.
  • Mass Post Duplication: Fixed the bug causing mass duplication of posts.
  • Interval Adjustments: Added missing intervals in both stories and regular posts.
  • Error Notifications: Now receive push notifications for multicasts in case of errors.
  • Planner Issue: Corrected issues with the planner functionality.
  • Instagram Cover Publishing: Fixed problems related to Instagram cover publication.
  • Sticker Link: Addressed the issue of Link stickers disappearing.
  • Sticker Cloning Fix: Inactive stickers will no longer be a problem when cloning stories from drafts.

New Features:
  • Support for WEBP format in covers.
  • Custom covers for Facebook pages.