Onlypult updates

Web Release 113.0

1). Repeat publication.
Welcome the feature that many of you have been waiting for - Repeat publication!
Surely you have posts to be published periodically or so-called evergreen content. For example, when you have a flow of new users to your account and you need to publish a welcoming post, or when you have a sale and instead of posting stories every 24 hours, you can use the repeat option.

When creating a post or story, you can schedule several copies of a post at once. In the window of the time picker click on the “Repeat publication” slider and specify the period and number of posts (repeats).

Choose frequency on the right side of the window - daily, weekly, monthly.

Please, note:

  • If you are editing an original post, the changes will not affect copies of posts.
  • You can delete all post copies with one click of a button.
In Onlypult, you have access to all changes made to each post.
Open any post and select "History". You'll find there all of your post's history, edits, and who made them.