Onlypult updates

Web Release 117.0

1). Internal comments on publications
Our users can now leave comments on posts as part of their content creation efforts. For example, a team member or client can leave a request for text or graphics under a specific post.

In order to leave a comment for a colleague or client, select the post and click on the view icon, then in the right sidebar click on the comments icon.

Another important function is dividing comments into those available to everyone and those available only to their author. You can make useful notes for yourself (Notes), while other users only see public comments (Comments).
2). Improvements to the appearance of modal windows.
3). Onlypult Analytics
Optimized data collection in the Onlypult Analytics tool.
4). Telegram
Fixing errors in posts with hashtags in the description.
Fixing errors for posts with multiple media.
5). Notifications
Notifications in the notification center have been optimized.