Onlypult updates

Web Release 90.0

Functional Enhancements and Bug Fixes:

Instagram Sticker Improvements and Various Form Fixes:
  • Cloning Stories from Drafts: We've resolved the issue of inactive stickers.
  • Multi-Posting Stories with Stickers: Stickers are now clickable as expected.
  • Cover Disappearance with Sticker Overlay: Rest assured, your cover won't vanish when applying stickers.
  • Sticker Vanishing on Photos: Stickers will stay put on your photos without disappearing.

Date/Time Display Precision: You can now trust that the date and time will be displayed correctly when choosing interval times.

WEBP Format Compatibility in Custom Covers: After adding a WEBP format image to a custom cover, it will now display correctly instead of showing a white screen.

Cross-Posting Post Deletion Streamlined: When you delete copied posts in cross-posting, the interval selection window now behaves correctly by disappearing promptly.

BMP Image Loading in Posts Fixed: No more issues with BMP image loading in posts.

Efficient Cover Application: The cover application process now functions smoothly without eternal loading.